MicroWatch 48

September 4, 2018

MicroWatch Issue # 48

Pakistan Microfinance Review (PMR) 2017

August 29, 2018

Pakistan Microfinance Review (PMR) 2017

The State of Social Audits in Microfinance In...

August 21, 2018

Over the past few years, the changing face of Pakistan’s microfinance landscape has been characterized by increased attention to the social responsibility management of microfinance providers (MFPs). Recent industry trends show an organized effort to define social performance (SP) and address concerns about its measurement and management. This has brought about an industry-wide realization that an MFP’s processes, practices and products need to be actively targeted towards achieving its social vision and social objectives. Therefore, just as financial audits are conducted to assess the financial performance of an organization, the practice of “social auditing” is being increasingly adopted as the primary diagnostic tool for assessing social performance of microfinance institutions. This micronote documents and consolidates findings from seven social audits of Pakistan Microfinance Network’s member providers, conducted over a period of two years (between 2016 - 2018).

The Launch of Pakistan’s First Microfinance...

August 17, 2018

This micronote explores the current landscape of microfinance in Pakistan over the past 10 years, followed by the emergence of Pakistan’s first credit bureau, DataCheck Ltd. The methodology employed to gauge the effectiveness of a credit bureau for the analysis in this micronote includes observing loans from up to 2 years prior to the launch of the credit bureau until present, based on four branch performance measures; number of new loans, average loan size, fraction of loans delinquent and fractions of loans defaulted. The conclusion summarizes the main findings from the study, which highlight that the credit bureau had a positive impact on loan disbursement as well as loan performance, including reduced delinquency, and branches were seen to not adopt the bureau at random, rather based on growth; branches which were growing faster were more likely to adopt.


We focus on evidence-based research and covers a wide range of easily available online collection of resources dedicated to microfinance and financial inclusion.


Carry out trend analysis, comparative analysis and retrieve Market Highlights.
The Year in Review

This section highlights the impact of the macro economy on the microfinance industry in the country, regulatory & policy environment and industry initiatives.

Financial Performance

This section reviews the financial performance of the microfinance industry including trend analysis, peer group and regional comparisons.

Challenges and Opportunities

This section delves into detail regarding challenges and opportunities facing the industry.

Social Performance

This section delves into the responsible finance and social performance initiatives that have been introduced in the industry.

Micro Eye

Mapping the Competitive Environment in microfinance sector. MicroEYE is designed to represent industry data in graphical format for effortless comprehension.

Micro Watch

Microwatch highlights the quarterly position of credit, savings, and insurance outreach on a country and regional basis coupled with outstanding portfolio at risk.


To support retail microfinance providers by strengthening them institutionally, and work towards ensuring an enabling environment for microfinance in the country.


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