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Fintech, the abbreviation for financial technology, is a broad category that refers to the innovative use of technology in the design and delivery of financial services and products. Its application serves numerous business segments such as lending, investment management, money transfers, raising

Pakistan Microfinance Network | 2019-12-10

The aim of this research activity was to investigate the potential of warehouse receipt financing for smallholder farmers in Pakistan and to provide key information on the current landscape in this regard. The research was conducted in collaboration with MEDA.

Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh | 2019-11-18

Concerns being raised about the lending rates charged by microfinance players are as old as the history of microfinance. Microfinance industry aims to provide financial services to the unbanked,comprising predominantly lower income strata of the society. Financial services are generally complemen

Ali Basharat & Zeenoor S. Sheikh | 2019-10-24

Risk is an inherent element of financial services, and like all financial institutions, microfinance providers (MFPs) face risks that they must manage effectively to achieve their financial and social objectives. It is imperative for microfinance providers to have a formal risk management structu

Ali Basharat & Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh | 2019-10-24

Annual Report 2018

PMN | 2019-10-21

Graduating Microenterprise Clients to SME Lending – Are We Really There Yet?

Jaffar Jassim, Amal Naeem Qureshi, Shanza Faiq | 2019-08-31

This study was conducted by Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN) in collaboration with MIMOSA with funding from Department for International Development (DFID), PROPARCO and Pakistan Microfinance Investment Company (PMIC).

Daniel Rozas | 2019-08-29

MicroWatch Issue 52

Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh | 2019-08-29

Pakistan Microfinance Review 2018

Mr. Ali Basharat, Mr. Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh, Ms. Maheen Malik, Mr. Farhan Shamim | 2019-08-22

Estimating the Potential Market for Microfinance in Pakistan including Credit, Savings, Payments and Insurance

Jaffar Jassim, Bilal Ghani, Amna Imtiaz, Amal Naeem Qureshi | 2019-06-30

MicroWatch Issue 51

Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh | 2019-05-15

This MicroNote highlights the level of compliance of Microfinance Providers (MFPs) in Pakistan on the fair and respectful loan recovery practices, which also forms a fundamental component of Client Protection.

Jaffar Jassim and Maheen Malik | 2019-04-30

Microwatch Issue 50

Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh | 2019-02-28

The paper aims to explore the extents where the Microfinance sector can play a catalytic role in accomplishing the social & economic milestones set by the current government such as deepening financial inclusion; contribution to inclusive economic growth; improvement in socio economic indicat

Syed Mohsin Ahmed, Jaffar Jassim, Ali Basharat and Waseem Malik | 2019-02-28

Risks to Microfinance in Pakistan is the fourth edition of a study that seeks to map the risks being faced in the Pakistan microfinance sector as perceived by various stakeholders.

Ali Basharat & Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh | 2019-02-15

The author would like to extend her gratitude to HRSG Consulting for their guidance throughout the process of salary survey and for helping in creation of quantitative benchmarks which helped us ascertain position of Pakistan’s microfinance industry’s salaries

Anum Shakoor | 2018-12-31

Microinsurance Regulatory & Supply Side Landscape in Pakistan

Saba Abbas, Maham Liaqat, Michael. J. Cord, Maida Zafar, Jaffar Jassim | 2018-12-28

This paper borrows from the ‘MSME Strategy Workshop’ organized by PMN in which various aspects of MSME lending were discussed in detail by the leading practitioners including the status of lending to the sector by MFPs, the challenges faced by players and the landscape of MSMEs in the

Ali Basharat & Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh | 2018-12-28

MicroWatch Issue 49

Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh | 2018-11-20

Micro Insurance Regulatory & Supply Landscape in Pakistan

Saba Abbas, Maham Liaqat, Maida Zafar, & Jaffar Jassim | 2018-10-17

Identification and Assessment of Risks 2018

Ali Basharat & Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh | 2018-09-29

MicroWatch Issue # 48

Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh | 2018-09-04

Pakistan Microfinance Review (PMR) 2017

Mr. Ali Basharat, Mr. Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh, Ms. Maida Zafar, Ms. Maham Liaqat | 2018-08-29

Over the past few years, the changing face of Pakistan’s microfinance landscape has been characterized by increased attention to the social responsibility management of microfinance providers (MFPs).

Saba Abbas | 2018-08-21

This micronote explores the current landscape of microfinance in Pakistan over the past 10 years, followed by the emergence of Pakistan’s first credit bureau, DataCheck Ltd. The methodology employed to gauge the effectiveness of a credit bureau for the analysis in this micronote includes ob

Gharad Bryan, Jonathan de Quidt, Greg Fischer, Ruth Fortmann, Kilian Russ and Jaffar Jassim | 2018-08-17

Microfinance in South Asia:Genesis, Challenges, and the road ahead

Alok Parsad, Jaffar Jassim & Maham Khawar | 2018-07-30

Annual Reporting 2017

PMN | 2018-07-09

MicroWatch Issue 47

Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh | 2018-07-02

This report contains findings of an employee salary survey undertaken for Microfinance sector including Microfinance Banks (MFBs) & Microfinance Institutes (MFIs) during September – December 2017. The survey was carried out to evaluate MFB’s & MFI’s current market standi

HRCG Consulting | 2018-06-30

This report contains findings of an employee salary survey undertaken for Microfinance sector including Microfinance Banks (MFBs) & Microfinance Institutes (MFIs) during September – December 2017. The survey was carried out to evaluate MFB’s & MFI’s current market standi

HRCG Consulting | 2018-06-30

The author would like to extend her gratitude to HRSG Consulting for their contribution throughout the process of salary survey and for helping in creating quantitative benchmark which helped us ascertain mapping of salaries of staff employed in the Microfinance Industry. PMN is also thankful to

Anum Shakoor | 2018-06-30

Impact on microfinance providers

PACRA Analytics | 2018-06-28


Jaffar Jassim and Maham Khawar | 2018-05-21

Over the years, microfinance providers have been at the forefront of providing financial access to excluded segments by offering a range of customized financial products and services such as credit, savings, insurance and remittances.

Imad Uddin Chisti, Ahsan Mansoor, Waseem Malik | 2018-04-01

Governments around the world use social protection programs to achieve various welfare objectives. Such programs are built off of policies that are applied to a wide range of contexts ranging from food stamps to aid for disaster rehabilitation. These programs have a broad objective of protecting

Ali Akbar | 2018-02-15

This paper will discuss the need for harmonization in definitions across institutions and propose moving from SME segment to Micro, Very Small and Small Enterprise (MVSSE) segment which will include Micro, very small and small Enterprise.

Jaar Jassim & Maham Khawar | 2018-01-31

At the end of 2017 the total gross loan portfolio of the industry stood over PKR 200 Billion, indicating a healthy growth of over 10% than the previous quarter. Growth picked up slightly as the sector’s outreach grew by over 6% as compared to the previous quarters’ 4.8%

Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh | 2017-12-31

This Micronote takes a closer look at green microfinance developments globally and map the current state of practice in Pakistan. More specifically, it aims to establish the need for microfinance to go green.

Saba Abbas, Saquiba Aziz and Maham Liaqat | 2017-12-29
All key indicators remained positive during the third quarter of 2017. The gross loan portfolio posted a growth of 7.3% and crossed the PKR 180 billion mark, while active borrowers recorded a 4.9% increase QoQ.
Miqdad Haider | 2017-12-06
During the second quarter of 2017 all the key indicators remained positive and posted healthy growth. The micro-credit in terms of active borrowers registered 6.6% upsurge while GLP following the upward trajectory posted a 12.5% growth over the last quarter.
Miqdad Haider | 2017-09-27
The year 2016 saw the microfinance industry continue to grow and expand. Outreach continued to grow at a double-digit rate with notable expansion in the deposit base of the microfinance industry.
Ali Basharat, Miqdad Haider and Saba Abbas | 2017-08-24
This report details the state of SPM practice among Pakistan Microfinance Network members in key operational and strategic areas. It is based on self-reported SPI41 data collected in 2016, and discusses both successes and challenges alike.
Pakistan Microfinance Network | 2017-08-09

Annual Report 2016

Anum Shakoor | 2017-07-31

Financials 2017

EY Ford Rhodes | 2017-07-19

Impact on Microfinance Providers

PACRA | 2017-06-19

MicroWatch Issue 43

Miqdad Haider | 2017-06-13

Impact on Microfinance Providers

PACRA | 2017-06-02

This study looks at sector-led approach for health financing through microfinance- whether microfinance sector is currently positioned to serve the needs of the sector, drawing out relevant research to outline potential partnerships. Role of various stakeholders like regulator, microfinance provi

Saba Abbas and Saquiba Aziz | 2017-04-28

Identification & Assessment of Risks

Ali Basharat & Miqdad Haider | 2017-04-12

Risk Assessment & Identification

Ali Basharat & Miqdad Haider | 2017-03-31

MicroWatch Issue 42

Miqdad Haider | 2017-03-17


UMER Khalid | 2017-03-03

Pakistan Microfinance Review 2015

Ali Basharat & Saba Abbas | 2016-12-21

MicroWatch Issue 41

Miqdad Haider | 2016-12-20

Microwatch Issue No. 40

Ali Basharat | 2016-10-13

Annual Report 2015

Waseem Malik, Anum Shakoor | 2016-08-24

SAMN Conference Report: 2015

Anum Shakoor | 2016-07-28

Budget Report FY 17 - Impact on Microfinance Providers

PACRA Analytics | 2016-06-21

Budget Snapshot and Impact on Microfinance Providers

PACRA Analytics | 2016-06-09

MicroWatch Issue 39

Ammar Arshad | 2016-05-02

Risks to Microfinance in Pakistan is the third study of its kind, which attempts to map the risks being faced in the Pakistan microfinance sector as perceived by various stakeholders. This study aims to update the risks highlighted in the previous publication disseminated in 2014 in face of the c

Ammar Arshad | 2016-04-06

Issue 38

Ammar Arshad | 2016-03-01

Perspectives and Lessons from the Foot Soldiers

Saquiba Aziz | 2016-01-15

Estimating potential market size for microcredit in Pakistan

Ali Akbar Ghangro and M. A. Nafey Khan | 2015-12-31

A consolidated report on client protection practices in Pakistan's Microfinance sector.

Saba Abbas | 2015-12-28

MicroNote No. 28

Omar Kafeel | 2015-12-28

MicroWatch Issue 37

Ammar Arshad | 2015-11-25

This paper provides a systematic analysis of the growth drivers that have direct or indirect influence on the microfinance industry and provides a framework to spur growth over the next five years.

Syed Mohsin Ahmed and Ali Basharat | 2015-09-14

MicroWatch Issue 36

Ammar Arshad | 2015-09-07

Annual Report 2014

Waseem Malik, Anum Shakoor | 2015-08-21

Risk Register for Microfinance Sector

Ammar Arshad | 2015-07-08

Pakistan Microfinance Review 2014

Ali Basharat, Ammar Arshad, Khadija Ali | 2015-07-06

Detailed analysis on the budget fy16

PACRA Analytics | 2015-06-17

Budget FY 16 and its impact on Microfinance Providers. This version also contains the latest news that FM will consider PKR 50,000 threshold for .6% advance tax on banking transactions

PACRA Analytics | 2015-06-10

State of financial inclusion in South Asia

Anum Shakoor | 2015-06-10

MicroWatch 35

Ammar Arshad | 2015-05-25

MicroWatch Issue 34

Ammar Arshad | 2015-02-24

Report covering events of SAMN Regional Conference, held in Islamabad in Nov 2014.

Waseem Malik, Anum Shakoor | 2015-02-02

Pakistan Microfinance Network Financial Statements For the year ended 31st December 2014

Ernst & Young | 2015-01-31

Findings from Risk Assessment Survey

Ammar Arshad, Ali Basharat | 2014-11-21

A quarterly review of microfinance sector.

Ammar Arshad | 2014-11-20

Case Studies from KF and KBL

Aimen Shahid, Maham Tarar, Ghairat Hayat, Zahra Khalid | 2014-10-10

Pakistan Microfinance Review 2013

Ali Basharat, Ammar Arshad | 2014-09-30

Quarterly review of the sector

Ammar Arshad | 2014-09-05

Annual report for the year 2013

Waseem Malik, Anum Shakoor | 2014-09-01

OSDI Annual Report 2013

OSDI | 2014-08-21

Growth and evolution of National Rural Development Program

NRDP | 2014-07-10

This MicroNote provides an overview of the current state of client protection practices in Pakistan’s microfinance industry. The Note primarily draws on results of 10 Smart Assessments conducted for microfinance providers (MFPs) in 2013, based on th

Zahra Khalid, Aimen Shahid | 2014-06-30

Analysis, carried out by PACRA Analytics Private Limited, on the impact of present year's (FY 2015) budget on Pakistan's microfinance sector.

PACRA Analytics | 2014-06-18

Issue 31: Quarter 1 (Jan-Mar 2014)

Ammar Arshad | 2014-05-25


Ali Basharat, Ammar Arshad, Raza Khan | 2014-05-23

MicroNote 21

Aban Haq, Khadija Ali | 2014-04-01

The study was commissioned by Ilm Ideas with support from UK Department for International Development(DFID) in partnership with Socio-Economic Business & Consultants Pvt Ltd. (SEBCON). The report was developed through the invaluable contributions of several privat

Ilm Ideas, DFID, SEBCON | 2014-03-31


NaymetTrust | 2014-03-07

Asasahnama is here once again after a lapse of two years. Asasah is known to many people, friends, community, staff, donors and investors as a specialized Microfinance Institution for the last 11 years. Till 2013, we successfully disbursed 170,000 micro loans, 170,000 life insurance policies, 35,

Asasah | 2014-03-07
Ammar Arshad | 2014-02-26

Pakistan Microfinance Network Financial Statements For the year ended 31st December 2013

Ernst & Young | 2014-01-31
Ali Basharat, Ammar Arshad | 2013-12-27
Shahbano Hameed, Ali Basharat | 2013-12-18
Amal Aslam | 2013-12-13
Ammar Arshad | 2013-11-27
PPAF and PMN | 2013-11-18
Business Recorder, PMN | 2013-10-21
Ali Basharat, Ammar Arshad | 2013-09-16


Aban Haq, Amal Aslam | 2013-09-12
Ammar Arshad | 2013-08-28
Khadija Ali, Zahra Khalid | 2013-08-09
Waseem Malik, Anum Shakoor | 2013-07-25
Ammar Arshad | 2013-05-22

In 2012, the Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN), as regional facilitators for the Social Performance Working Group (SPWG) Asia, took part in an effort to build capacity of Asian networks on social audits. This field note describes SPWG Asia’s a

Khadija Ali, Zahra Khalid | 2013-04-10
Syed Mohsin Ahmed, Ali Basharat | 2013-03-15
Ammar Arshad | 2013-02-28
Aban Haq, Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2013-02-21

Pakistan Microfinance Network Financial Statements For the year ended 31st December, 2012

Ernst & Young | 2013-01-31
Amal Aslam, Neelum Azmat | 2012-12-31
Ammar Arshad | 2012-12-14
Zahra Khalid, Khadija Ali | 2012-10-31
Ali Basharat | 2012-10-02
Ali Basharat | 2012-09-06
Syed Muhammad Ali | 2012-06-06


Shehrbano Kazim, Eisar Haider | 2012-06-06
Umer Khalid, Hira Arshad | 2012-03-06
Syed Muhammad Ali | 2012-03-01
Meher Shah | 2011-12-17
Syed Muhammad Ali | 2011-12-01
Ali Basharat | 2011-11-18
Aban Haq, Zahra Khalid | 2011-10-12
Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2011-09-14
Khadija Ali | 2011-09-07
Zahra Khalid | 2011-06-01
Afsheen Shakoor, Ali Zeeshan, Amjad Ali | 2011-04-05
Aban Haq, Zahra Khalid | 2011-04-05
Zahra Khalid | 2011-03-02
Zahra Khalid | 2010-12-01
Mehr Shah | 2010-11-30
Hussan Bano Burki | 2010-11-03
Aban Haq, Zahra Khalid | 2010-10-12
Zahra Khalid | 2010-09-08
Meher Shah, Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2010-08-11
Zahra Khalid | 2010-06-08
Aban Haq, Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2010-06-03
Zahra Khalid | 2010-03-03
Mehr Shah | 2009-12-29
Hussan Bano Burki, Gregory Chen, Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2009-12-29
Zahra Khalid | 2009-12-09
Hussan Bano Burki | 2009-10-13
Zahra Khalid | 2009-09-10
Aban Haq, Maheen Saleem | 2009-08-03
Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2009-07-15
Maheen Saleem Farooqi | 2009-06-11
Hiba Zaidi, Hassan Vaqar, Hina Nazli, Sohail Malik, Aban Haq, Zahra Khalid, | 2009-06-03
Aban Haq, Maheen Saleem | 2009-05-09
Maheen Saleem Farooqi | 2009-03-05
Aban Haq, Aleena Naseem, Maheen Saleem Farooqi | 2009-03-03
Meher Shah, Aleena Naseem | 2009-02-01
Akbar Zaidi, Maheen Saleem, Aleena Naseem | 2008-12-24
Maheen Saleem Farooqi | 2008-12-10
Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2008-10-11
Sara Saeed Khan | 2008-10-09
Huma Khalid, Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2008-10-02
Sara Saeed Khan | 2008-09-08
Aban Haq | 2008-09-06
PMN, SEEP | 2008-09-03
Aban Haq | 2008-06-03
Monica lindh de Montoya, Aban Haq | 2008-05-05
Huma Khalid | 2008-03-01
Aban Haq | 2008-03-01
Hussan Bano Burki, Shama Mohammed | 2008-01-08
Aban Haq | 2007-11-03
Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2007-09-27
Aban Haq, Gregory Chen | 2007-08-08
Hussan Bano Burki, Mehr Shah | 2007-06-13
Mehr Shah, Gregory Chen | 2007-05-03
Mehr Shah, Gregory Chen | 2007-02-06
Mehr Shah, Gregory Chen | 2006-10-03
Oxford Policy Management | 2006-05-03
Elizabeth Mcguinness, Volodymyr Tounytsky | 2006-03-02
Civil Society Human and Institutional Development Programme | 2005-12-07
Adnan Qadir | 2005-12-01