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This Micronote takes a closer look at green microfinance developments globally and map the current state of practice in Pakistan. More specifically, it aims to establish the need for microfinance to go green.

Saba Abbas, Saquiba Aziz and Maham Liaqat | 2017-12-29

This study looks at sector-led approach for health financing through microfinance- whether microfinance sector is currently positioned to serve the needs of the sector, drawing out relevant research to outline potential partnerships. Role of various stakeholders like regulator, microfinance provi

Saba Abbas and Saquiba Aziz | 2017-04-28


UMER Khalid | 2017-03-03

Perspectives and Lessons from the Foot Soldiers

Saquiba Aziz | 2016-01-15

Estimating potential market size for microcredit in Pakistan

Ali Akbar Ghangro and M. A. Nafey Khan | 2015-12-31

A consolidated report on client protection practices in Pakistan's Microfinance sector.

Saba Abbas | 2015-12-28

MicroNote No. 28

Omar Kafeel | 2015-12-28

Case Studies from KF and KBL

Aimen Shahid, Maham Tarar, Ghairat Hayat, Zahra Khalid | 2014-10-10

This MicroNote provides an overview of the current state of client protection practices in Pakistan’s microfinance industry. The Note primarily draws on results of 10 Smart Assessments conducted for microfinance providers (MFPs) in 2013, based on th

Zahra Khalid, Aimen Shahid | 2014-06-30


Ali Basharat, Ammar Arshad, Raza Khan | 2014-05-23

MicroNote 21

Aban Haq, Khadija Ali | 2014-04-01
Ali Basharat, Ammar Arshad | 2013-12-27
Shahbano Hameed, Ali Basharat | 2013-12-18
Khadija Ali, Zahra Khalid | 2013-08-09
Syed Mohsin Ahmed, Ali Basharat | 2013-03-15
Aban Haq, Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2013-02-21


Shehrbano Kazim, Eisar Haider | 2012-06-06
Meher Shah | 2011-12-17
Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2011-09-14
Aban Haq, Zahra Khalid | 2010-10-12
Meher Shah, Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2010-08-11
Hussan Bano Burki | 2009-10-13
Aban Haq, Maheen Saleem | 2009-08-03
Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2009-07-15
Aban Haq, Maheen Saleem | 2009-05-09
Aban Haq, Aleena Naseem, Maheen Saleem Farooqi | 2009-03-03
Meher Shah, Aleena Naseem | 2009-02-01
Akbar Zaidi, Maheen Saleem, Aleena Naseem | 2008-12-24
Huma Khalid, Syed Mohsin Ahmed | 2008-10-02
Sara Saeed Khan | 2008-09-08
Huma Khalid | 2008-03-01