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Micro Insurance Regulatory & Supply Landscape in Pakistan

Saba Abbas, Maham Liaqat, Maida Zafar, & Jaffar Jassim | 2018-10-17

Identification and Assessment of Risks 2018

Ali Basharat & Zeenoor Sohail Sheikh | 2018-09-29

Annual Reporting 2017

PMN | 2018-07-09

Impact on microfinance providers

PACRA Analytics | 2018-06-28


Jaffar Jassim and Maham Khawar | 2018-05-21
This report details the state of SPM practice among Pakistan Microfinance Network members in key operational and strategic areas. It is based on self-reported SPI41 data collected in 2016, and discusses both successes and challenges alike.
Pakistan Microfinance Network | 2017-08-09

Annual Report 2016

Anum Shakoor | 2017-07-31

Financials 2017

EY Ford Rhodes | 2017-07-19

Impact on Microfinance Providers

PACRA | 2017-06-19

Impact on Microfinance Providers

PACRA | 2017-06-02

Identification & Assessment of Risks

Ali Basharat & Miqdad Haider | 2017-04-12

Risk Assessment & Identification

Ali Basharat & Miqdad Haider | 2017-03-31

Annual Report 2015

Waseem Malik, Anum Shakoor | 2016-08-24

SAMN Conference Report: 2015

Anum Shakoor | 2016-07-28

Budget Report FY 17 - Impact on Microfinance Providers

PACRA Analytics | 2016-06-21

Budget Snapshot and Impact on Microfinance Providers

PACRA Analytics | 2016-06-09

This paper provides a systematic analysis of the growth drivers that have direct or indirect influence on the microfinance industry and provides a framework to spur growth over the next five years.

Syed Mohsin Ahmed and Ali Basharat | 2015-09-14

Annual Report 2014

Waseem Malik, Anum Shakoor | 2015-08-21

Risk Register for Microfinance Sector

Ammar Arshad | 2015-07-08

Detailed analysis on the budget fy16

PACRA Analytics | 2015-06-17

Budget FY 16 and its impact on Microfinance Providers. This version also contains the latest news that FM will consider PKR 50,000 threshold for .6% advance tax on banking transactions

PACRA Analytics | 2015-06-10

State of financial inclusion in South Asia

Anum Shakoor | 2015-06-10

Report covering events of SAMN Regional Conference, held in Islamabad in Nov 2014.

Waseem Malik, Anum Shakoor | 2015-02-02

Pakistan Microfinance Network Financial Statements For the year ended 31st December 2014

Ernst & Young | 2015-01-31

Findings from Risk Assessment Survey

Ammar Arshad, Ali Basharat | 2014-11-21

Annual report for the year 2013

Waseem Malik, Anum Shakoor | 2014-09-01

OSDI Annual Report 2013

OSDI | 2014-08-21

Growth and evolution of National Rural Development Program

NRDP | 2014-07-10

Analysis, carried out by PACRA Analytics Private Limited, on the impact of present year's (FY 2015) budget on Pakistan's microfinance sector.

PACRA Analytics | 2014-06-18

The study was commissioned by Ilm Ideas with support from UK Department for International Development(DFID) in partnership with Socio-Economic Business & Consultants Pvt Ltd. (SEBCON). The report was developed through the invaluable contributions of several privat

Ilm Ideas, DFID, SEBCON | 2014-03-31

Pakistan Microfinance Network Financial Statements For the year ended 31st December 2013

Ernst & Young | 2014-01-31
PPAF and PMN | 2013-11-18
Business Recorder, PMN | 2013-10-21
Waseem Malik, Anum Shakoor | 2013-07-25

In 2012, the Pakistan Microfinance Network (PMN), as regional facilitators for the Social Performance Working Group (SPWG) Asia, took part in an effort to build capacity of Asian networks on social audits. This field note describes SPWG Asia’s a

Khadija Ali, Zahra Khalid | 2013-04-10

Pakistan Microfinance Network Financial Statements For the year ended 31st December, 2012

Ernst & Young | 2013-01-31